Committee on Leadership Development

 Chair: Rev. Glenn Leupold, Co-Pastor of First Presbyterian Church of Albany

The Committee on Leadership Development is commissioned to carry out aspects of the Presbytery’s work in the following ways:

  • care for and supervise of candidates and inquirers for ordination as Teaching Elders supervise the preparation of Commissioned Ruling Elders
  • work with the Committee on Coordination to develop and implement regular plans for growth in leadership
  • skills for those serving in various capacities within the Presbytery, including an annual retreat to train Presbytery leaders
  • propose and administer the Presbytery’s financial support for preparation for ministry

This Committee is commissioned to:

  • enroll inquirers in covenant relationship with the Presbytery
  • transfer inquirers and candidates to other presbyteries
  • receive inquirers and candidates by transfer from other presbyteries
  • perform annual consultations with inquirers and candidates
  • certify candidates ready to receive a call and give candidates permission circulate their Personal Information Form
  • remove an individual from inquirer status