Advent 2018: Three Advents by Rev. Lynn Horan

During Advent we often focus on the idea of anticipation, which can be extremely joyful! At St. Peter’s Presbyterian Church in Spencertown, we begin the season by decorating wreaths in late November, which are then offered at our annual Christmas Bazaar. We also dust off our cherished Nativity scene, which fills our entire narthex, hand-made by a local artist who has collected figurines since his … [Read more...]

Albany Presbytery Office Changes Coming Soon… But the Staff is Here to Help You by Bill Henderson

The presbytery will be moving to a virtual office After eight and a half years located at 1915 Fifth Avenue (the home of First United Presbyterian Church in Troy), Albany Presbytery is closing its physical office. The presbytery will be moving to a virtual office. This means that the current staff – Dan Rogers, Jennifer Schoenfisch, Kim Deal and Bill Henderson – will continue to work on behalf … [Read more...]

Advent 2018: What Time Is It? by Rev. Bill Schram

The First Sunday of Advent Jeremiah 33:14-16 I Thessalonians 3:9-13 Luke 21:25-36 Back in 1969, one of my favorite songs was Chicago Transit Authority’s (aka Chicago) “Does Anybody Really Know What Time it Is?” (Click here to hear the Tanglewood version.)  I can still remember the words: “Does anybody really know what time it is? Does anybody really care? If so I can’t imagine … [Read more...]

Reflections from the November 13 Presbytery Meeting at Westminster

Please share this information with all those interested in the work and opportunities happening in the Albany Presbytery. You may use the following URL to embed directly into your communications: The 320th Stated Meeting of the Albany Presbytery was held on November 13, 2018 at the Westminster Presbyterian Church, Albany. Below are a … [Read more...]

Introducing Michael Burkley, Vice Moderator 2019

New officers were installed at the November Presbytery Meeting held at Westminster Presbyterian Church, Albany. Rev. Kate Kotfila stepped into the role of Moderator and Rev. Michael Burkley accepted the role of Vice Moderator. We give thanks for their service. Being new to this position, we took a moment to connect with Michael and learn a little more about him. Before we get started, can you … [Read more...]

What does Thanksgiving Look Like To You? by Kate Kotfila

In his State of the Union speech in January 1941, FDR proposed four fundamental freedoms that all people ought to enjoy: Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Worship, Freedom from Want and Freedom from Fear. Four Freedoms images © SEPS. Used under permission of Curtis Licensing. The speech was not particularly noteworthy, and the Four Freedoms did not grab hold of the American consciousness until … [Read more...]

Open Space: Proposed Amendments to PC(USA) “Book of Order” by Michael Burkley

Amazingly enough, the governance of the Presbyterian Church (USA) is left up to … us!  Our churches elect Ruling Elders to serve in the local church and the presbytery. Working with the Presbytery our churches call pastors to teach and care for their congregations and to serve in the mission of the presbytery. The presbytery, as a union of our local churches, reaches out to our larger denomination … [Read more...]

Statement on the Tree of Life Synagogue Murders and Our Lives Together

Eleven Dead in Attack on Jewish Service. The headline came as it does these days, not as a shock - - for our society has become too violent for murder even on an unprecedented scale to shock -- but as a clear sign that evil stalks the places we used to think of as safe – the synagogue, the mosque, the church, the school, the neighborhood business. The Bible tells us God said, Thou shalt not … [Read more...]

Open Space: Learning Together Before Presbytery Meetings

I'm really excited that Albany Presbytery now offers regular "Open Space" opportunities for presentation or conversation before each stated meeting. In National Capital Presbytery (2009-2016), I saw this practice work to great advantage.  Many came early to the host facility to engage in topics of their choice. There would be several options, making it hard to decide. Everyone is Invited - … [Read more...]

“Will you be a friend to your colleagues in ministry…” by Alexandra Lusak

On Tuesday, September 5, shortly before noon, I arrived at El Mexicano restaurant on Route 50 in Saratoga Springs for lunch with sisters and brothers in Christ from Albany Presbytery. Jerry McKinney and I had met there for lunch after the second presbytery retreat, concerned that we had both been active participants and colleagues in ministry in the presbytery for many years yet didn’t know each … [Read more...]