Northeast Grant Announcements

Dear Presbytery Leaders, Blessings as you move into the Lenten season.  My name is Sarah Henkel and I recently joined the Synod of the Northeast team as Grants Coordinator. I am writing with a few updates and reminders regarding the next round of applications to the... Read more

Peacemaking Book Reviews

Climate Church, Climate World – How People of Faith Must Work For Change, written by Jim Antal. Published by Rowan & Littlefield, 2018  Reviewed by Larry Deyss: Why is the church responding to the issue of Climate Change? The answer is given at the beginning... Read more

A miracle, perhaps.

The first of April, 2011. That is when it began. I have always been taught and perceived that miracles were more of an instantaneous happening. An event that defied the laws of the secular world, of science, of common sense… and relatively instantaneous in nature. The... Read more
The Sixth of January

The Sixth of January

To Friends Who Share the Journey, We are both horrified and saddened by the violence and the blatant challenge to our democracy that we have seen at the Capitol today, this day that Christians celebrate as Epiphany. The story of Jesus’ birth and the story of Epiphany... Read more