Memo: Sexual Harassment Prevention Training

Each year New York State requires employees of churches, including ministers, as well as ministers serving in an approved ministry, to take a training class on avoiding and proactively responding to sexual harassment. The program Albany Presbytery uses is created by... Read more

Good News For Mission Lovers

Good News for Mission Lovers How does your congregation serve the wider region? Even if you don’t offer a food pantry, soup kitchen, VBS, or 12-step group, you probably have been sharing in the valuable work of Albany Presbytery’s six Mission Partners. Together they... Read more

A miracle, perhaps.

The first of April, 2011. That is when it began. I have always been taught and perceived that miracles were more of an instantaneous happening. An event that defied the laws of the secular world, of science, of common sense… and relatively instantaneous in nature. The... Read more

Moderator’s Musings 1/30

2021 MEETING THEMES It has become a recent custom of Albany Presbytery Moderators to choose a theme or their term of service. I will follow that new custom with the ideas below knowing that unforeseen change may alter my intentions. Exemplification of each theme will... Read more

2021 Camperships

  Because Young Lives Matter True confession: I never attended any Christian summer camp. My son went to Kirkwood (Philadelphia Presbytery), and there he first heard God’s call to ministry. He later returned as a counselor. Later yet as a volunteer chaplain.... Read more
The Sixth of January

The Sixth of January

To Friends Who Share the Journey, We are both horrified and saddened by the violence and the blatant challenge to our democracy that we have seen at the Capitol today, this day that Christians celebrate as Epiphany. The story of Jesus’ birth and the story of Epiphany... Read more